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“ We contacted Mobile Vehicle Repairs because we were fitting a new battery but didn't have the tools to replace an old rusted bolt. Simon paid us a visit very quickly after our initial contact, unscrewed the offending bolt and fitted the battery for his minimum call out charge. He also stayed to ensure the car was running correctly gave us good advice (which was sorely needed as we're quite inexperienced at vehicle repair).
In short, Simon went beyond the call of duty and returned our confidence in our car. We'd highly recommend Mobile Vehicle Repairs - just call/email for a quick quote."
Ross & Eliza. 18 Apr 2012.
“ I knew/hoped that the oil leak from my Renault was simply a loose oil filter but due to the engine floor sheild I couldn't access the part. Simon arrived on time and quickly had the car jacked up, sump cover removed and had identifed the leak as a loose oil drain bolt(no sharpe intake of breath). This was obviously an easy job but I liked his 'down to business' manner and will defineatly call again without any hesitation."
Mr Simon Saunders. 31 Mar 2012.
“ I needed a new clutch annd it needed to be completed on the road side. Simon arrive on time, excellant work and so quick. Will definitley use again and recommend.
Mr Darren H. 19 Mar 2012.
“ Being the type of person that has no understanding of my cars engine and how it works, I need people like Simon and his team at Mobile Vehicle Repairs.Having broken down a quick search of local mechanics and a phone call later they where on the case.The problem was diagnosed in no time and with a quote, parts ordered and the car repaired within 48hrs I couldn`t be happier.A fast, friendly, professional service like that means I can have some peace of mind in the future knowing that Mobile Vehicle Repairs are only a phone call away.Thank you for getting me back on the road and home to my family.Ian, Bermondsey, London."
Mr Ian Nazer. 25 Feb 2012.
“ Replaced alternator to Laguna II. Expert knowledge of part required (even Renault UK were not able to tell me the part number I needed to buy!). Turned up exactly on time; polite; completed quickly and effectively; gave good advice; and fixed the problem with no fuss or problems. Extremely pleased with service and will use again."
Mr Mike Greenhalf. 24 Feb 2012.
“ I contacted MVR last week after finding them on Google. I was unable to move my car as something behind my passenger front wheel was preventing it from turning and it made an awful noise. I was given assurances by MVR that I would be back on the road that day and I wasn't let down. The problem was quickly diagnosed and within 30 minutes, Simon had collected a replacement part and got on with fixing my Car. The service was fantastic and great value for money. I wouldn't hesitate to use MVR in the future."
Mr Martyn Beeby. 20 Feb 2012.
“ I contacted MVR as the result of a Google search, as I had a car in London which had a starting problem. From the outset they were friendly, courteous and very knowledgeable. The job was done in super quick time, for a very fair price. I cannot praise them highly enough. Thank you! "
Mr Andrew Mumford. 11 Feb 2012.
“ Car engine had been flooding and we had to call out a breakdown service twice. Both times it was miss diagnosed. We were then recommended Simon, so we called him and he came round on the same day. He diagnosed the problem almost immediately and then helped us source a replacement part online so we didn't have to pay through the nose. He worked very hard on the car and it now works great. All at a very affordable price. Will use his service from now on no question. Highly recommended "
Mr Edward Hill. 02 Dec 2011. 
“ Car broke down, towed home by The AA, emailed Mobile Vehicle Repairs, Simon called and was on the scene within the time stated, got to work on the car immediately and diagnosed the problem, gave us an excellent quote and did not stop working on it until it was fixed, Very friendly, helpful service, will always use in future! Highly Recommended! Thanks again! Martin & Jane H (Surrey) "
Martin & Jane. 30 Nov 2011.
“ Top quality mechanics. Immediately repaired problem and were very professional and polite. Would highly recommend. "
Mrs Justina Raphael. 23 Nov 2011.
“ Excellent professional friendly service. They diagnosed the fault promptly, gave a final price and above all only charged for the time it took to do change the expansion tank. Explained what they where doing. I was also amazed they went and got the part and gave me the original receipt for the part.I would definitely use them again and have already recommended them to my family. "
Mrs Sandra. 22 Nov 2011.
“ I have a 04 plate Alfa Romeo 156 1.9jtd and the crank shaft sensor needed to be changed. I called the mobile mechanic who answered the phone straight away, and came out and did the job. No hassle , no problems, car working fine again. Will use him again if any problems arise. "
Mr Cuthbert Alexis. 20 Nov 2011.
“ Simon and another guy came to my address the day after my initial enquiry so a speedy visit was appreciated. I needed a new starter motor fitted and I found the service to be swift, professional and good value for money. I always worry about the cost of work on the car but simon was honest and direct about the costs, which was reassuring. I'll certainly use them again and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. "
Mr Peter Gibson. 18 Nov 2011.
“ What an eye-opener! MVR arrived at our home on the appointed time. Then, within 10 minutes they diagnosed the problem. Although the part for the power steering was only available through a main dealer, they sourced it and were back within no time to fix the problem. Within an hour the part was installed and our car fixed! What we thought was a massive problem turned out to be fixable, at our own property! The professional and friendly service was second to none! The cost of the whole exercise was not even close to what you would expect. It was way cheaper! The guys at MVR know cars, customers and are the most professional we have ever come across. Thank you for an excellent service! " 
Mr Henk Wasserman. 11 Nov 2011.
 Even though i was outside their area of service they still came and sorted out my problem, excellent service and value.Colin lawless (Denham, South Bucks) "
Mr Colin Lawless. 9 Nov 2011.
“ (Fan belt replacement)Fantastic service,They came early and did the job extremely fast as they knew we had to leave for work. Great attitude and very happy to answer questions.Highly recommended "
Mr Brad Brookes. 4 Nov 2011.
“ They couldn't have been any more helpful if they tried and so when they asked me if i could leave a review for them i was more than happy to agree, i would highly recommend these mechanics to anybody needing their car fixed and will definitely be passing their number on to all my friends. The work done to my car was first class and the guys were friendly and polite. The nice thing was i could just get on with what i wanted to do feeling comfortable leaving the guys to do their job. "
Miss Lorraine Mills. 31 Oct 2011.
“ Mobile vehicle Repairs & Servicing came to my home and replaced an entire car engine for me with an oil and filter change. The engine runs smoothly now and the car drives well. Simon also diagnosed two other faults with my car and came back the next day to fix them. I could not have received better service elsewhere. The prices I was charged was really reasonable and I will definitely recommend this friendly efficient and courteous family firm to others and most definitely use them again myself. "
Mrs Jean Hore. 15 Oct 2011.
“  Mobile vehicle repairs provided me with the most reasonable quote to repair my Peugeot 206 and I have to say I was a little anxious as I had not used them before but I made a good choice. They provided a rapid response and a professional and excellent service. I would definitely use them again in the future and would recommend to family and friends.N Russell "
Miss Natasha Russell. 12 Sep 2011.
“  Hugely impressed with the value and service I received. Having been originally advised (unconvincingly) by a garage in East London that my car required a new head gasket and would cost me £600 plus VAT, I thought it was best to obtain a second opinion. I contacted Mobile Vehicle Repairs & Servicing having read the positive comments/reviews on the internet and I am so glad I did. Simon arrived right on time and almost immediately diagnosed the correct problem, which ultimately saved me an incredible amount of money compared to what I had been quoted by the other garage for works that did not need doing. As Simon was already in attendance, I also asked whether he could look at fixing my wing mirror which had been kicked off. He was all too accommodating with this request and managed to fix it there and then once he'd obtained the necessary part. He kept me informed as to his costs at all times and sought my confirmation before undertaking any of the jobs. Hugely impressed with the service and have already recommended Simon to many friends "
Mr Neil McNab. 27 Aug 2011.
“  hi thank you so much MVR you guys did a first class job with no fuss, and were very polite and helpful, and will be reccomending you to all my friends, and family, thank you again from david with carb problem in limehouse "
Mr David Bruce. 2 Jul 2011.
“  Excellent service and great value for money.
Will be recommending to friends and family "
Miss Charlotte Baker. 26 Jun 2011.
“  I contacted 'mobile vehicle repairs & Servicing' when my car was failing to start. I was pleasantly shocked to have been offered a booking for that day. There was excellent communication prior and during the booking.Within just a few minutes of the mechanics arriving the problem was acknowledged and fixed. I am very pleased with the value for money and quality of this service. Will most certainly be using these guys again! Thanks "
Mr Bob Tooly. 26 Jun 2011.
“ Oh what a joy it is to find a mechanic who knows what he's doing and does it well. I've got a Renault Modus, a car which is almost impossible for the average DIYer to work on due to it's under-bonnet compactness. The cam belt and tensioner needed replacing and the main dealer wanted an absolute fortune. Well, Simon did the job on site, with a minimum of fuss and at half the price. I was mightily impressed with the way he went about things - no corner cutting, everything just so - and he had absolutely no problem giving me a running commentary as he went along. I was watching a true professional at work and would recommend his services to anyone. "
Mr Howard Waters.     22 Jun 2011.
“ Mobile Vehicle Repairs & Servicing gave me the best response from my enquiries, so I decided to give them a try. They put my mind at rest, gave me a fair price and time scale for the job. The whole experience was painless and restored my faith in mobile mechanics. I will definitely use them again. "
Mr Darren Parrott.     20 Mar 2011.
“ I cannot recommend Simon and his team highly enough. He has worked on both my car and boat and obviously knows his stuff. Really helped me alot showing me how to look after the boat motor (an excellent teacher as well!). I do feel he is too generous with his time as he would not even accept payment the second time he came to the boat (which was after hours). Really nice people to deal with. "
Mr Craig Wilson.     19 Mar 2011.
“ Car making grinding noises. Was perfect for me as they came to us. Identified the problem quickly, talked me through the issue and what needed t be done. Provided a quote, once I agreed the quote he went away purchased the parts came back the same day and finished the job. Great service, efficient and got things sorted quickly without me having to leave my home! "
Mrs Minh Le.     8 Apr 2011.
“ Phoned these mechanic's when my car refused to start, i initially spoke to a very pleasant lady who told me that they where quite busy that day but she would still try and get someone out to me if possible, My call was returned a few minutes later and i was delighted to be told that not only could they come that day but also they could be at my door within the next hour, the appointment was booked and literally 40 minutes later they arrived as promised, the chaps they sent to fix my car where friendly and pleasant to talk to, they immediately set my mind at ease and impressed me with there seemingly endless supply of knowledge, they opened the bonnet had a look around and found the problem almost straight away which luckily for me was just a loose wire that needed to be put back on, they then secured the wire in place properly so that it won't happen again, something that the previous mechanic who fitted my new starter motor had failed to do! just a few minutes later and my car was starting perfect again,

The remote control buttons for my car doors had stopped working some time ago and i asked if they had time would they mind having a quick look while they where there, before I'd even finished explaining that i had already tried putting new batteries in it they had put it in the door did some locking and unlocking a couple of times and had it working perfectly again within seconds, They didn't even charge me any extra for doing it, i had already been told their rates earlier during the original call and the price i was told is exactly what i was charged, excellent!

They couldn't have been any more helpful if they tried and so when they asked me if i could leave a review for them i was more than happy to agree, i would highly recommend these mechanics to anybody needing their car fixed and will definitely be passing their number on to all my family and friends. "
Mr Thomas Smith.     16 Mar 2011.
“ I called these guys out to have the sparks and coil packs changed on my mkiv golf. i called them at 7.30am and was shocked to be told that they could come out later on that day. the communication and updates was very good. well above what i would expect from any tradesman. I also asked them to carry out a service whilst they were there. so they got me a price including parts and i was shocked at how reasonable the quote was!!When thy arrived (Simon & Alex) i found them both to be very knowledgeable, professional and courteous. they worked non stop in the cold and got the work done in next to no time. they had all the right tools and lights to work in the dark and it appears they had already set out a game plan as to who would do what part in advance. They even did a few extras that i asked for, and were very helpful with any questions i had.I asked them if they had any spare obd cables that i could buy and they actually dropped one through the letterbox the next day!! All in all, i was initially sceptical about the service i was going to receive, but after communicating with grace, and seeing the work, commitment, and service given by Simon & Alex (who incidentally are a father and son team), i have recommended the company to a few of my friends and have definitely replaced my regular mechanic who is just up the road from me. Its good to see that their are still some genuine people out there, who actually care about their customers and their business and who aren't in it for a quick buck.I highly recommend you give these guys a call if you need any kind of work done to a vehicle. you wont regret it. "
Mr Harry Patel.     13 Mar 2011.
“ Quick efficient and polite. No nonsense or BS Simon just got the job done. Will definitely use them again and recommend to all my friends. "
Mr Gunter.     10 Mar 2011.
“ I have used Mobile Vehicle Repairs & Servicing twice now, the second of which was a brake pad replacement. Simon and his team exceed expectations by having an excellent availability and flexibility, meaning that they could carry out the work the day after I reported the fault, and without the need for me to drop the car off anywhere or have to take time off work. Beyond that, they show excellent customer care. I would definitely recommend Mobile Vehicle Repairs "
Mr David Lewis.     1 Mar 2011.
“ My TVR's power steering was leaking. Simon was punctual, coming at a convenient time on a Saturday morning. He quickly diagnosed the fault and sorted out the problem. Simon is confident, friendly, capable and provides value-for-money. "
Mr Ray Crouch.     26 Feb 2011.
“ Really excellent service. Came out the same day (after work hours to suit me) with replacement battery and had my car running again in 15 minutes. I would definitely recommend to others looking for a reliable mobile mechanic. No hassle, very easy to deal with and good value. "
Miss Sarah Patel.     14 Feb 2011.
“ Very efficient and nice with it. The jeep now runs smoother than it has for months. "
Mr John Kennedy.     8 Feb 2011.
“ Simon and Alex dragged all the way to South West London (in rush hour) to undertake several repairs on my Mercedes C200. Nothing was too much trouble for them - they were there on time, were polite and informative, clean and tidy with their work, and fantastic value for money. I will never use anyone else and couldn't recommend their service highly enough.Simon is incredibly knowledgeable and I trust his judgement 100%. I know everything that he did was needed, and carried out to an exceptional standard. It is very hard to find someone trustworthy these days but I can whole heartedly say that Simon is and thanks to him, my car is running beautifully....Thanks again and I will be in touch regarding my other vehicle soon! "
Miss Jennifer Fisher.     4 Feb 2011.
 A very quick response, approx 25 minutes from initial phone-call to arrival. A very experienced and courteous mechanic to diagnose the problem and mended in about 3-40 minutes.Will definitely use again, if needed. "
Mr Bob Hanson.     26 Jan 2011.
 The service I received from the whole team was just what I needed. I had only borrowed my mum's car and the engine warning light flashed on the way home! Simon arranged an appointment with me very quickly and Grace confirmed the rates with a follow up call. Simon and Alex came after work, which was perfect. They assessed the problem and fixed the car within 40 minutes. It was brilliant! I would definitely recommend them to anyone. "
Miss Natalie Hunt.      8 Jan 2011.   
 Coming home to a dead car on the coldest day of the year so far, and surrounded by snow I realised our car battery had died a death...needing it for the weekend i was at a loss, I called Simon and asked him if he woudl come out that next morning, but explained I could not pick up the new battery without a car. No worries, by 9.20am (the exact time they specified) Simon and his Son arrived with the new battery bought, installed it, checked the car over and headed off leaving me relieved, relaxed and prepared for a weekend of driving. Considering it cost just a few pounds more than if I had fitted it myself, and elimated any hassle or stress it was worth twice as much as the difference in price! They were both so well mannered and I will never hesitate in calling on them again or suggesting that anyone requiring mechanical assistance go ahead and give them a shout. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! "
Wendy,  0203 206 4455.  3 Dec 2010.
 It is very rare these days to find an honest, reliable person to do a good job.

Simon from Mobile Vehicle Repairs & Servicing was exceedingly helpful, nothing was to much trouble, I had a locked on security wheel bolt, and the key nut sheered, because someone had done them up to tight. After sourcing a replacement, he tried everything and succeeded in removing it.

I cannot recommend him enough, he came back at very short notice, once I had the replacement key, and changed the brake discs and pads on the front and thoroughly cleaned the rear drums and shoe's.

He charged me no more than the original quote, despite having to come back.

Mr Alan Webb.  PC Technique.  29 Oct 2010.
 We are a tour company operating in Central London using heritage vehicles. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have found Simon - his expertise and experience has been invaluble to us, and he keeps us on the road against all the odds. The administrative support from Grace is brilliant. From doing the work, to invoicing and consulting on future work, mobile vehicle repairs is an excellent company. The staff go above and beyond on a regular basis, and that is a rare service in today's industry."
Amelia, The Ghost Bus Tours Ltd.    15 Oct 2010.
 Simon was punctual, honest, professional, value for money, tidy and straight forward to deal with. The best mechanic I have had service my car, and I will continue to use him, many thanks.
If you are reading this to research into what to expect from this company, you are welcome to call me on 07889 207914 and I will give you first hand experience of their professionalism.
Mr Mike Hall.     14 Oct 2010.
 Very happy with this mechanics service, arrived on time and carried out works quickly, politely and professionally, my car failed its MOT on a few points one of which was dangerous where the break hoses needed replacing, he carried out this work and also the other points which failed on the MOT, i took the car back to MOT garage and the work that was carried out was described has very professional by the examiner, I am very happy to have used this service because I now know that any faults i will have in the future will be attended to by a professional, polite and very reasonable mechanic, i can highly recommend his services."
Mr Mark Bethell.    8 Oct 2010.
 Punctual,Professional and Polite. I wil be using Simon from now on. Amazing and efficient service to my Jeep Cherokee. A real credit to the trade."
Mr Darryn Shields.    28 Sep 2010.
 I was driving home and my car started shaking, add to that I was due to move house the next day!

I called Simon and explained the problem, he said he'd come and have a look and quickly diagnosed a broken engine mount bolt.

I had feared a repair costing hundreds....Simon charged £55 including parts, labour and him coming to do the job. A bargain and on the road by 6pm having called at 4pm.
Mr Steve Buckingham.    23 Sep 2010.
 I would 100% recommend the mechanic. He fitted an engine into my ford transit minibus which is a big job! He was very reliable and his work is top-class! I will definately be using him again for my minibus company."
Mr John Grinham.  JJ Minibuses.   11 Sep 2010.
 Superb service and will be recommending to all, Simon was able to come and replace my clapped out alternator, at my door with 24hrs notice before the bank holiday. Mobile Vehicle Repairs' Simon was friendly, knowledgeable, very professional and his flexible service was impeccable - and all with very reasonable prices and no add ons...

Simon was very helpful on the initial enquiry, able to identify the probable root cause through my description of the breakdown and when the proposed replacement part was too expensive he was flexible enough to allow me to order my own at a 1/4 of the list price. Simon's flexibility on call out times was also brilliant, he was able to come after work on a BH Friday evening saving me countless trouble trying to get my car to a garage. Thank you Simon! ps the car passed its MOT with flying colours the next day
Mrs Kasia Davies.     1 Sep 2010.
 I am very happy to recommend Simon and his work. I was told a price and that is what I extras added on! Punctual, polite and efficient. I will be using Mobile Vehicle Repairs from now on and I will pass on his details to anyone looking for a grood mechanic."
Mrs Rosemarie Ann King.        15 Aug 2010.
 Rover 216 Si (Bubble shape) 1997
I contacted Simon via Google when the water pump and Cam belt on my car needed replacing.
I found him to be very professional and his prices reasonable.
I would not hesitate in recommending his services to anyone." 
Mr O Ola.       31 Jul 2010.
I can't recomend simon enough, he has been brilliant a real find. I have an old mobilehome which needed some tlc and he traveled accross london 4 times, never charged me millage, always arrived when he said he was going to, did a great job, really friendly guy and always went out of his way to keep the bill really resonable. from now on I won't be going anywhere else and will definatly be recomending him to family and friends."
Mr Mike Smith.     13 Jul 2010.
From the moment my phone call was picked up, the service from this company has been polite, utterly professional and the communication was excellent.
The engineers were punctual and reliable. The job was done efficiently and within the time estimated.
They gave me a price for the job up front and there were no extras added on.
I will be ditching my usual service centre and will be using Mobile Vehicle Repairs for my annual service from now on."
Mrs Michelle Koh.     10 Jul 2010.
Don't hesitate to use them!
Very helpful and professional service. Many thanks.
Will certainly be calling on their services again.
Welding job to the floor of a 2CV. Required some fabrication onsite. They had everything they needed and did a fine job."
Mr Harry Rogers.      8 Jul 2010.
It is not very often that you are lucky enough to find any of the following when you are hit by needing serious car repairs; good; honest; reliable; skilled; polite; caring; prompt; pleasant; excellent value for money. If I told you these engineers were all the above and more you probably wouldn't believe me - but here's my phone number 07533 335280, you can hear it straight from me. I am so pleased I found them for working on my Land Rovers! In fact the list of repairs for another one is already in hand. AND by the way it wasn't an oil change they did - they removed my gearbox, transfer box, and torque converter to replace them all for me and it was all done without fuss and mess outside my house. Sincere thanks. Simon"
Mr Simon Bell.    27 Jun 2010.             
Service:  Brilliant!!  Punctual, Reliable, Friendly and helpful.
Cost:  Reasonable prices - cheaper than garage quotes; worth the money!
Definitely Recommended!!!
I found Simon through this directory & have called him out twice in the past three weeks for my Mercedes A Class. On the first occasion I needed parts fitted; job done & quality service. On the second occasion I needed my car to be assessed; this was done excellently & he fixed the problem which was occurring."  
Mrs Carea Morgan.    19 Jun 2010
Simon is a top mechanic and highly recommended!
friendly service polite and well mannered.
have used simon more then 5 times now for my dad my sister and of course me & will keep on using his service.
Mr Rashid Elgharras.    15 Jun 2010
i was advised by a breakdown service that i needed a new alternator for my rover 25 so i looked up on the internet for mobile vehicle repairs in se16 and i came across Simon's repairs and servicing, i gave him a call and told him the story, within a few hours my car was up and running, i was very pleased with the level of service i received and how quick and efficient everything was, i would definately use Simon again."
Mrs Elaine Mcdonald.    14 Jun 2010
Simon arrived exactly when he said he would to fix my wife's Astra Estate. I believed it was a faulty ignition switch, but Simon quickly identified the problem as being the lock cylinder itself. He went to get a replacement, reassembled everything and in no time at all the problem was fixed - and at a very reasonable price.
Simon impressed me with his knowledge and professionalism and I will have no hesitation in asking him to fix any other problems with either my wife's or my own car, plus doing the servicing. I will also be recommending him to all my relatives friends and neighbours. First Class service!" 
Mr Philip W Riley.     8 Jun 2010
Recommended; Simon came to replace my flat battery. Good value, punctual, on time and friendly"
Mr Pete Kay.     2 Jun 2010
 Simply a great job done!" 
Mr Andrew William Stretton.     1 Jun 2010
 I thought my Alternator had gone, and after it was replaced there was an obvious problem still. Simon perservered and managed to identify the fault after another hours work. The price I was quoted remained the same and I wasnt charged any extra. The service was very good, and I would have no hesitation recommending them to new customers. I have handed out loads of business cards to all my neighbours. Many thanks " 
Mr Chris Howard.     7 May 2010
 I called the car repairers to replace a starter motor on my vintage car. They were extremely efficient, polite and turned up on time, I was also charged the same amount they quoted, there were no hidden "extras". Will definitely recommend them to everyone!"
Mrs Claire Simpson.     8 Apr 2010
 Simon and his colleague were punctual, polite and very professional.
They replaced a thermostat and rocket casket on a vintage car. They were knowledgeable and carried out the work quickly and efficiently.
I will be recommending them to my friends."
Mr A Selvarajan.     5 Mar 2010
  Simon and his assistant replaced the clutch on my Mondeo. I am extremely pleased with the works which was carried out swiftly and professionally. I will certainly use Mobile Vehicle Repairs next time I need a motor technician. Well above average. Thanks Simon"
Mr Peter Rose.    1 Mar 2010
 Contacted the mobile mechanic with an electrical problem causing my engine to misfire, despite being 40 miles away and on a Sunday morning, they arrived within an hour and sorted the problem out within 30 mins.
They were polite, efficient and charged a very reasonable fee - well below the cost of my local garages.
I have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone in need of an honest and efficient car mechanic "
Mr Frank Walters.     28 Feb 2010
Simon removed two sheared steering rack bolts for me on a cold, wet Tuesday evening.  Something that I would have tackled myself only I was under time pressure to get my old car in shape for underseal the following sunday. He already knew the state of the two sheared bolts before he arrived as we had spoken on the phone the day before.  One of the bolts had about 1cm of thread sticking out and the other was recessed; which I had already attempted to remove by drilling but broke a drill bit in it... The first thing he asked me when he began was which of the two was sticking out. He immediately started on the other (more difficult) one first and had it out in the blink of an eye. And the second one equally soon after. What a relief it was to have that job sorted. I shopped around, Simon was the first to respond. All the other specialists declined the job. I was also trying to track down an oil leak and mentioned to Simon once he'd finished removing the bolts if he could perhaps help me find it - took one look and said "rear rocker head bolt on the drivers side of the V8 mate". Quick, honest & reliableThanks Simon. Good stuff."  
Mr Adrian O Neill.     24 Feb 2010
 What can i say this guy was really good his work was to a very high standard and he was pleasent to deal with. He came to my house to sort my car out at a time that was great for me and the price was excellent. I really am really greatful for all the help provided. Thanks again" 
Mr Anthony Cleary.     18 Jan 2010
These guys are the best!
I woke up Sunday morning with plans to visit family, only to find when i started my car that it was running up and down without me touching the fuel pedal! I knew it was due for a service but it was Sunday and all the garages around west London were fully booked or closed so i looked on-line and came across this company. After speaking with Simon about the problem he told me the idle control valve might be at fault but he would need to see the car to be sure.I thought it would cost more for a mechanic to come to me but, i was shocked as it worked out cheaper than having a service done in the garage (including the added part for the revving!) It was all sorted in under two hours and i couldn't have been happier. Fantastic service, Very helpful and i will deffinatly use Mobile Vehicle Repairs from now on, hopefully not too soon tho...
Thanks again guys!"
Mr Richard King.       11 May 2009
 Simon worked on my vauxhall astra which had two problems and he arived when he said he would and did the job very well.I think he is an honest mechanic which charges reasonable price" 
Mr Ismail Hussein.    10 May 2009
 “ Simon did a variety of small jobs on my 29 year old campervan on his first call out. He came early on a Friday evening and worked till nearly 9pm.
A week later my clutch went and he came over the same day to recover the van and inspect the problem.
A week later he came back at 8am on a Saturday morning and fitted a new clutch kit before lunchtime.
I'm really pleased with how quickly he responds to a call out and the standard of his work. Price-wise I believe he's cheaper than a traditional garage as well.
I would most definately use him again (tho hopefully not too soon for the campervan!) and intend to have him service my other vehicle next month"
Miss Sarah Crofts.    10 May 2009
“ I contacted this company off the web at
random and was very impressed how I was treated.
They arrived when they said they would and were very skilled and thorough about doing the work. Their charges were very reasonable and transparent and I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone"
Mr Stuart Aderson.    10 May 2009
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